Planning & Design:

During client's first meeting, we begin the process to establish the scope of the project. client requirements & preferences and client budget. Study of Architectural Plans and site verification of all dimensions. If no as-built plans exist, we will prepare necessary plans. Furniture Plans are drawn and presented to the client for approval. A Preliminary Budget Analysis is prepared for all fumishings. Conceptual Drawings are used to further develop the design concept. Design Scheme Presentation is inclusive of plans. sketches,samples,tear sheets and pictures of furnishings,and other visual aids to communicate the design concept.


Proposals are prepared and presented on all approved selections needing to be ordered. Upon approval of the proposal, clients are asked to sign and return a copy of the proposal with payment for the amount specified.
Purchase Orders are prepared for vendors to place client orders with specifications, attached cuttings or samples including scale drawings where necessary, for better understanding of custom orders.
Order Monitoring and Coordination includes designer's oversight of all merchandise orders. This may include workroom visits. progress checks,construction clarification and vendor inspections.
Invoices & Statements are sent to clients as items are completed.
Installation is scheduled when the project is deemed ready to installed (free of all contractors). We will request a pm-designated time to deliver and install all furnishings, inclusive of accessories and artwork.

Art and Accessories:

The decorative items not found during the purchasing phase will be shopped and taken "on memo" to dress the project. Clients will receive a list of these memo items and their costs for approval.

Project Administration:

We will develop a design concept in conjunction with the architect and landscape architect who will produce working drawings. We will draw the plans that relate to our interior design. i.e. reflected ceiling plans. electrical, elevations, cabinetry, fumiture layout, paint and finishes schedule. We will select and/or approve the selection of fixtures that are purchased through our firm and by the general contractor. We will be available for consultation with other specialists required for the project, i.e. pool and landscape contractors, civil, soils, energy and structural engineers, lighting specialists, security and surveillance, audio/video. intercom and phone installers.